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Omega One Media Services and Overview


Welcome to Omega One Media!  You have come to the right company that will offer you most of the vital services that your website could possibly need. Due to the range of online services we offer, our website is a high quality good value website to find or come across.  We offer several business to business (B2B) services that online businesses would normally need for their websites.  And due to our long experience in Advertising, website development and ecommerce solutions we have made the most important services readily available to help you organize the launching of your new business online or to help you expand and grow your existing website business. 

We have been serving many clients on the web for years now. Omega One Media services  helps businesses to get rolling quickly. We also offer a lot of Marketing services that most businesses like your will need. For example we offer: Professional website designing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Creative Design Service, Media exposure, and web hosting, Social Media Exposure and so on.



See Details On Some of Our Services:


Web Hosting Service: We provide state of the art web hosting platforms for affordable web hosting. Our prices are a bargain. We currently have numerous customers who enjoy our high bandwidth and large disc space. We use hi-tech servers which are located in our data centers in USA, Europe and around the world. Learn More Here Website Hosting .......


Search engine optimization: We can get your website ranking high on google yahoo and other major search engines and make you a lot of money as well as save you from paying other extra advertising costs. If you have a website, one of the main things that you need to get going as soon as possible is search engine optimization to make your website come up on search engines when people do searches with keywords online. Many businesses launch a website only to leave it out there unprepared for competition to get traffic.  If you sign up for our Search Engine Marketing Service we will get you ranking high on major search engines. We will have you ranking high in most of the search keywords related to your business or service. Learn More Here SEO Service.......


Web Design Service: We can design professional marketing ads or simple ads that you can use for your marketing projects. You can use it for email blasts, mass email marketing or you can use it for the traditional marketing by mail/post or by video. Learn more here Website Designer .........      


Ad Design Service:  We offer Adverts / Creative Design service.  We can design nice looking ads and flyers that you can use for email marketing or other marketing strategies.  Using a good ad can help you secure more returns from a marketing campaign than calling people or marketing through other traditional marketing means and that is what we do here!  Learn More Here Email Creative Designer ............


We have helped many companies succeed online.  We have designed interactive, flash driven websites for many of our clients. We have used efficient search engine optimization techniques to get several customers to rank on page 1 on Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing and so on. We have also setup shopping carts for e-commerce clients who are in need of setting up an an interactive online store. Amongst what we offer are email creative designing service and affordable web hosting.











































We offer you professional web design service that will make your website stand out. We offer website designing at an affordabke price. We offer both professional and simple website development and design.

Social Media

Omega One Media offers various levels of social media marketing. We can setup your business to start getting a lot of traffic and buzz from social media within two weeks. Let us arrange a great traffic delivery social media package for you now!


We can set up websites for you with payment gateway integrated into it. We offer services to help you choose the best shopping cart and payment gateway for your website. Our eCommerce solutions involve a lot of useful services.
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