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Only at Omega One Media! - You can get a cheap enough hosting plan that you need.  Instead of the plans from most companies that offer too much resources in all their plans and no chance for a hosting plan with a low enough price.  We believe customers should be given a choice to choose between a moderate plan with low price and a pro plan with unlimited resources.  So you can start with an affordable plan if you prefer. 




Giga Bytes are now cheap.  So there is no reason why a hosting company can't offer atleast one plan that starts at $3.49 per month.  Most web hosting companies will offer 'over resources' that you don't need and put their lowest hosting plans at $7 - $9 per month - That''s not what you need because maybe you don't need all that extra resource, maybe you just need a low price plan! Try us today !!!    Or Learn More....


Starter Plan

The starter plan gives you a chance to choose a price plan that is very affordable.  It will mostly likely have enough resources that you will need as a starter instead of too much resources and no chance for a very low starter plan for people who want to start out small. If you select the dicount package you will be able to get it as low as $3.49

Green Plan

This is a Green Plan because it has a high-end availabilty of resources but still allows you to save money by not being expensive. You can also save energy by having an ideal plan without too much resources that you may not need. If you choose this dicount package you will be able to get it at $4.99

Pro Plan

This is our Pro Plan With all round unlimited resources. It is for individuals and businesses who know what they want and really want lots of band width or disk space usually for some specific known reasons.


affordable web hosting -  website hosting services

Looking for a web host that will offer no limits to tha amount of visitors you get per month?

  • Are you looking for a web hosting account that will offer you very fast page servings/page loads for your website?
  • Are looking for a web host that offers lots of disk space (usually enough space that you need) for a very low fee? -A company that won't offer too much resources just to hype all the price plans (including hyping the lowest plans they have)
  • Are you looking for a web host company that is reliable and won't go down once in a while to interfer with your visitor traffic?
  • Looking for a web host that will offer no limits to tha amount of visitors you get per month?

View Our Web hosting plans

If you are looking for all of the above qualities. Omega One Media has hi-end web hosting servers that are resilient and operate with the most modern technological advaces that have recently been available with computer servers. Our servers are high speed and up to date !


You will be able to get automatic setup after you signup for the web hosting account. Then you will get your user name and password shortly after sign up.

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We offer you professional web design service that will make your website stand out. We offer website designing at an affordabke price. We offer both professional and simple website development and design.

Search Engine

Let us optimize your website to allow you to get lots of free traffic from search engines. Our website opitimization service is thorough and will start getting your pages on page one of Google and major engines within 2 weeks.


Omega One Media offers various levels of web hosting services. From Ordinary web hosting service to bullet proof web hosting to dedicated web hosting. Our services are all affordable. We can offer Casino or Adult web hosting too.


We can set up websites for you with payment gateway integrated into it. We offer services to help you choose the best shopping cart and payment gateway for your website. Our eCommerce solutions involve a lot of useful services.
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