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Website Hosting:


In the present world, anyone can have a web presence. Creating a website has become very easy and many people can create simple and running websites using the website builder tools provided by many companies. But the main thing arises, when you have finished creating your website. Where will you put the website so that everyone can access your website in the World Wide Web? This is where the role of a website hosting company comes into action. It is the responsibility of a website hosting company to host your website because they are the providers of web space and they also lend you other services that may be need to make your website attractive on the internet. Normally, a website hosting company will be available round the clock so that you can get all the technical help that you may need for your website if it may face some problems. There are thousands of website hosting companies in the world that provide high class website hosting services. It is your duty to spend some time to check for the best among the whole lot of website hosting companies.

Free Vs Paid website hosting:

There are many website hosting companies that offer you free website hosting. But you should note one thing here. You will get what you pay for. For e.g., if you pay nothing then you get nothing from thewebsite hosting company. The main reason behind this is most of the free website hosting companies’ offer only limited services. You may have a doubt. If they are not charging me anything then how will they earn money from this? They do this by placing some advertisements in your website and you cannot have a control over those advertisements. Sometimes there will be some irrelevant advertisements that will be popping up in your website and this may sometimes have a bad effect on your business. After all, you are creating a website to advertise your business. Some website hostingcompanies that offer free service have only limited features. You will not be able to upload a video or image and this is really a waste. What effect will your website have if it is not attractive with images and videos? Also in some cases, most of the free website hosting companies are not that reliable and they vanish without any intimation. When they vanish your website vanishes with them! Therefore, if you are serious about having a website it is always good to go for a reliable and trustworthy website hosting company so that you need not face any problem in future. There is a simple logic here behind thewebsite hosting companies. The more you pay the more you get out of it. If you pay more for the website hosting you get more out of it and this is something good, especially, if you intend to have a strong web presence.

Website hosting and website statistics:

Another important thing that you should install and get information from your website hosting company is the website statistics. You will obviously want to know the total number of visitors that you website will have and this can be done only with the help of a website hosting company. Some of the website hosting companies provides the website statistics tool along with the website that is created. All the visits to your website will be available from this and you can even know the IP address of the people who visited your website and how long they stayed in your website. You can also know the keywords that they search for and try to concentrate on that keyword to gain more traffic and hence have a good Google ranking too. The main thing is not all website hosting companies provide you with this option. You should check with the website hosting company regarding this and should also let them know your requirements so that they can give you a most appropriate plan. There are some things that are very important when it comes to statistics of your website. The first one is the total number of visitors your website has. Also you should check for the number of page views as this will let you know which all pages are important and people are looking for in your website or the particular category. You should also know about the referring sites because from this you can know how well your search engine optimisation company has performed. You can also see the source of the references and this is the main thing that you should note especially if you are planning to have a strong web presence.

Website hosting and things about databases:

Another most important feature that most of the website hosting companies provides is the facility of using databases. But most of the people do not know about the use of databases. A database is a place where you can store some vital information about your company like your customer names, products and so on. Sometimes the information that appears on the web pages are also added to the database and this help in serving the clients easily. The main use of databases is seen in ecommerce sites where you have plenty of products and if they are stored in a database it will make the process of updating the website easy. Or else the person should update the website each and every time he or she should add a new product or description. Check with your website hosting company for the provision of databases and try to use it to the maximum. You can also use the databases offered by the website hosting companies to store customer information. This helps you to know the previous purchases of the customer and you can know the purchasing pattern of them. In fact, you can use the databases from the web hosting companies for sending emails. That is, you can save your mailing lists easily using the database.

There are many top website hosting providers in the world now. You should spend some time to know more about them and the pricing and plans. There are many plans to choose from and you can select what you want from that.







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